Pediatric Dentistry

One of our strengths here at Cura Dental is looking after your child’s teeth. Pediatric dental exams tend to go beyond just looking at the teeth. We will perform a full review and decide if any special dental care is needed. We will examine the health and condition of the teeth, gums, soft tissues, head and neck. We will also monitor the growth and development of the jaws, teeth and document issues if they arise. This all results in a unique plan for optimum hygiene for your child.

  • Routine Cleaning: Remove any plaque or calculus. If untreated and not maintained, your child can risk a build up leading to gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Oral Hygiene Instructions: We believe prevention is better than cure. So we will build a report with your child and help them build positive daily habits to ensure teeth are properly brushed every day
  • X-rays: During the early years, Children generally need x-rays more often than adults since their mouths grow and change rapidly. If dental problems are identified and treated early, dental care will be less invasive and affordable.

Sealants & Fillings

As one of the fastest growing Pediatric dentists in Mississauga, we use sealants to help prevent tooth decay. Sealants are typically made of clear plastic and are applied to the chewing surface area of the tooth. The application is quick, painless, and can be effective for many years if your child practices good oral hygiene.

  • Tooth Colored Filings: Whether we are repairing a chipped tooth or creating a full tooth filling, we use white composite fillings which enhances the appearance of your child’s smile
  • Crowns: Crowns are typically silver colored Stainless Steel caps that cover the whole tooth. Most dentists prefer stainless steel crowns for restoring back teeth with extensive decay or decay between the teeth. These crowns are the most durable, and last until the baby tooth falls out around the age of 12

Extractions & Maintainers

No matter how hard we try to preserve and repair chipped and decayed teeth, sometimes we have to work with your child to perform an extraction. Our child-friendly team will make the experience as pleasant as possible. We will work with you to create a plan that includes the possible need for space maintainers as the child grows their new teeth.

  • Space Maintainers: These may be necessary when a baby tooth has been lost prematurely. The space maintainer holds open the gap to allow the permanent tooth to grow without encroaching upon the neighboring teeth.
  • Nitrous Oxide: Sometimes a child is scared and not able to relax., so we are able to administer Nitrous Oxide also known as laughing gas as a sedative to improve your child’s experience